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  • Bancalertz  (pronounced Micro Bank Alert)is a reliable, fast and automatic customer account transaction alerting or massaging system which provides the customer minute to minute transaction alert on their accounts.

    Bancalertz  is best for account such as teachers or works (Salary Accounts) account saving the worker the transportation cost of physically going to the bank to know if his or her employer has credited his or her account at the month end. This saves the customer not only the transportation cost but most importantly extremely expensive cost (as compare with the Bancalertz  service charge to customer) of transportation risk (i.e. accident)

    Bancalertz  provides the hosting bank an effort-free financial source since the customer pays totally for the service that is been giving to him or her.

    The application is an easy to use , user-friendly application with cheap and flat alerting or massaging cost to all he GSM network in Nigeria and the world at large.


    The Features of Bancalertz

    The Bancalertz  gives permission to the system administrator to subscribe and unsubscribe customers for the Alerting System.

    The system gives permission to the system administrator to subscribe and unsubscribe customer to Anniversary Message such as Goodwill Messages, Birthday Messages, Wedding messages etc.

    It gives the system administrator the access to all sent messages and unsent messages in the event of internet access interruption.

    It latches or holds undelivered message for a maximum of four days. If a customer's phone or mobile is not within a mobile network area at the time of transaction the system latches or holds the message for a maximum of four (4) days after which the message will be discarded or marked as unreachable.

    The  Bancalertz has the option of allowing the system administrator to select automatic debit on customers account on every transactions or manual debiting of customers account by the system administrator.

    The Bancalertz gives the system administrator permission to set the minimum customers transaction debit amount below  which the system will not sent an alert to the customers.

    The Bancalertz  is highly secured with passwords against unauthorized user of the messaging system even by unauthorized bank staffs.

    And more.