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  • sKulOnCliq Solution effectively utilizes computer technology for the advantage of the examination management boards in today schools. It is an integrated database management solution that shall enable Secondary Schools stay at the cutting edge.

    sKulOnCliq Solution is based on a rugged and robust database management solution integrated with an efficient and accurate statistical system.

    sKulOnCliq Solution is very user-friendly. It doesn't require users to be expert computer users to be able to use this software. The package is very secure. All users to the database must first be provided with a logon user name and password. For security reasons, it is easy to trace any record input to the person who did the input to the database management system.

    The Features of sKulOnCliq Solution includes: 

    The system has a comprehensive database of information on all students

    Eliminate any irregularity in Bursary with it Bursary Management by accepting student fees and printing receipts

    The system manages the student hostels and student Bed Space effectively.

    The system facilitate easy storage, updating and retrieval of information

    The system automatically calculate and standardize student's result based on the scores provided

    Automatic promotion of student to a new class at the end of every academic session.

    Eliminate the need for paper storage of schools examination records

    Easy, fast and accurate storage and retrieval of examination data on a click regardless of the year it was entered.

    Generate an accurate performance reports, customized forms and sheets easily.

    The system makes the school proactive by keeping a history/record performances all the student over the year

    The system provides a work environment that is conducive and supportive to the operations of modern public service that is innovative and technologically driven.